Our Fleet

Coach Hire Milton Keynes has a fleet of vehicles that will suit all needs. Each of them are extremely comfortable, modern and well-equipped and can carry between 8 and 72 passengers safely. Inside the vehicles you'll find plenty of room, comfortable seats, air-conditioning and interior entertainment. Well-maintained and spotlessly clean, we make travelling any kind of distance a pleasure. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Coach Hire Milton Keynes fleets includes:

8 seater minibus – perfect for travelling, especially in small groups. It doesn't matter how much luggage you've got either, because with this package there's plenty of room.

12-14 seater minibus – for groups that are slightly larger, we have a range of 12 and 14 seater minibuses. A great choice if you want to transport wedding guests or business partners to a meeting. While this vehicle is built to carry small groups of people it doesn't hold it back when it comes to getting somewhere on time.

16 seater minibus – for those all important company meetings, or when you need to transport a larger number of people, our 16 seater minibus will suit you just fine. Up to 16 people and all their belongings or luggage can be taken anywhere smoothly and stress-free.

24 seater bus – fitted with all the amenities a group of up to 24 people will need, there is also enough space for all their luggage without the vehicle being weighted down.

33 seater bus – if you've got a big celebration coming up and want to ensure everyone gets there, then this is a great option. These are a very popular part of our fleet, because of their ability to move a larger number of people all at once. Use them for business trips, holidays, sight-seeing tours or for day trips.

49 seater coach – for groups of 50 or more this is the perfect choice. When you need to get a fan club to the next match, a sport team to its away fixtures or festival goers to the venue so they don't need to worry about driving.

72 seater coach – Coach Hire Milton Keynes has double-decker coaches in its fleet for transporting up to 72 people. They make a memorable addition to any special occasion.

All our vehicles are regularly maintained and cleaned after every trip. Give us a call, and book yours today.


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